Track 1: Emerging Technologies in Computer Engineering
Quantum Computing and its Applications
Advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Cyber-Physical Systems and IoT Innovations
Blockchain Technology in Distributed Systems
Next-Generation Networking and Communication Protocols
Advances in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy
Edge Computing and its Industrial Implications
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Systems
Autonomous Systems and Robotics
Sustainable Computing and Green Technologies

Track 3: Software and Systems Engineering
Advanced Algorithms and their Applications
Software Architecture and Design Patterns
Data Science and Big Data Analytics
Cloud Computing and Storage Solutions
Human-Computer Interaction and Usability Engineering
Mobile Computing and App Development Trends
Distributed and Parallel Computing Challenges
Information Theory and Coding
Computer Vision and Image Processing Techniques
Ethical Considerations in AI and Computing

Track 2: Electrical and Electronic Innovations
Nanoelectronics and Microsystem Technologies
Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems
Smart Grid Technologies and Energy Management
Signal Processing in Communication Systems
Electronic Materials and Device Physics
Embedded Systems and Firmware Engineering
Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications
Flexible and Wearable Electronics
High-Performance VLSI Systems and Applications